Our daughter is quickly outgrowing her room. So, we've decided to do a big girl bedroom on a budget. Here are budget friendly decorating plans.

Planning Out a ‘’Big Girl’’ Bedroom on a Budget

I have finally come to terms with the fact that our three year old has outgrown her bed. We have a crib that converts to a daybed and finally, with the help of a conversion kit, you can turn it into a double bed headboard and footboard. She has been out of her crib for […]

Planning a road trip with a toddler? If so, find out how we beat boredom, take of potty breaks, and plan snacks!

Planning a Road Trip with a Toddler

This week we will be embarking on our first family road trip with our toddler! We travelled a bit when she was a baby but now that she’s an active three ear old I suspect things will be a little different. Things like potty breaks and dealing with the ‘’I’m bored’s’’ and ‘’are we there […]

Camping can be expensive or it can be cheap. Here's how my family enjoys frugal camping on a regular basis.

Frugal Camping: Use What You Have!

Camping wasn’t a part of my childhood. Probably because my mom’s family had access to a cottage, so it wasn’t until I was a young adult that camping was introduced to me. I loved everything about it. The tents, the outdoors, the fires, the food preparations. My husband and I are self-proclaimed camping experts and […]

The summer is such a busy time which makes it so easy to constantly eat junk all the time. Here's how you can eat well in the summer without sacrificing taste.

How to Eat Well in the Summer

I have a love hate relationship with the summer and eating for both me and my family. Though I love the abundance of fresh fruit that is seasonally available, I also know there will be many more temptations. More BBQ’s to attend, more road trips (which for us means more snacks), more late nights and […]

Is your little one wanting to earn some extra cash? Here's a list of jobs your kid can do this summer to earn some money. These aren't all fun but they are worth it!

Cleaning Poop and Other Jobs Your Kid Can Do This Summer to Earn Money

A few weeks ago as I was getting my daughter ready for bed there was a knock at the door. It was two kids, about 14 asking to mow our lawn. My husband was already planning to do it the next day so I thanked them and gave my apologies. They looked totally defeated. They […]


Charity Birthday Party Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Although birthdays are meant to be a celebration, sometimes we can’t help but feel we’re like more spending more money on a party than we need to. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars on a new toy that your child will outgrow, put that money into good use by hosting a do-good birthday party for […]

Throwing a themed party doesn't have to be expensive. Here's how we were able to throw a Frozen Themed Party on a budget.

Throwing a Frozen Themed Party on a Budget

My daughter is ‘’into’’ many things, the biggest I can thank Disney for, Frozen. It was the first movie she watched and was actually engaged with. She loved it, especially all the songs. When it came time to plan her birthday party asking the question, ‘’what kind of party do you want to have’’ was […]

Thinking of getting your teen their first car? Here are something you need to think of first.

Your Teen and Their First Car

Growing up, I didn’t really have to worry about the need for my own car once I turned 16. My mom had a vehicle which she used rarely and for the most part allowed me to have it when I wanted it. I however don’t know if I would do the same with my kids. […]

Getting stuff done when the kids are around is hard but not impossible. Here are the steps I take to make it happen!

Getting Stuff Done When The Kids Are Around

When you have kids it can be impossible to get things knocked off your to-do list. Especially if they’re in the toddler and young school age, when they crave interaction and playtime with someone else. If you don’t have multiple children you’re likely the playmate of choice and we as parents can struggle sometimes with […]

Should you pay your kids for chores? The answer isn't always so simple. Here's an idea of when you should and shouldn't.

How Much, If Any, Should You Pay Your Kids For Chores?

When kids are young there aren’t many ways for them to earn money of their own. Household chores are an easy and accessible way for kids to do so. Unlike an allowance, which I think is something that, when given, should be given out of funds that would already be allocated to the child, earning […]