3 Life Skills Every Child Needs To Learn

life skills for kids

With a two year old at home I won’t have an empty house for a number of years but that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about the skills she will require to be a self-sufficient young lady when she does eventually leave. A kid I know is getting ready to move out in a few weeks and I’m fairly certain … [Continue reading]

How to Encourage Your Children to Live a Green Life

green living

Going green is a family endeavor. It can only be successful if every member of the family takes part and does his best. Children learn by example, no matter how many times you talk to them about doing something, they learn best by seeing you do it. Therefore, it goes without saying that the first … [Continue reading]

4 Tips to Prepare Kids for an At-Home Emergency

at-home emergencies

The other day while my husband was at soccer, I was home while my daughter was in bed sleeping. I was prepping meals for the next day which included … [Continue reading]

Is Your Family Prepared For an Emergency?

prepare for an emergency

Though it's early in the season, we currently have our first hurricane among us. Where I live geographically doesn't get many hurricanes, and when … [Continue reading]

5 Ways Busy Moms Can Find More Time

busy moms

As a parent it can feel like you have no time to yourself. You’re juggling working, cooking, cleaning, and of course, taking care of your little … [Continue reading]

What to Get The Graduate in Your Life

graduation gift ideas

Semesters are coming to a close all across the world. Soon school hallways will be emptying out and summer activities will be ramping up. If you … [Continue reading]

How to Afford Home Improvements

home improvements

Many homeowners are attempting a summer makeover this year, to complete much needed works to their property. Whether these are essential works (such … [Continue reading]

How Long Can We Maintain Being a One Car Family?

one car family

When my husband and I moved into our first place, a nice one bedroom apartment, our lease stipulated one vehicle included, anymore and we would have … [Continue reading]

How to Save For a Large Family Purchase

how to save for a large family purchase

Having a family is expensive. It doesn't have to be as expensive as some stats would have you believe, but going from a married couple of two to a … [Continue reading]

How to Choose the Right Car for Your Growing Family

choose a car

As your family grows your vehicle needs will change. A two seated car isn’t going to work for a three person family with a brand new baby. And … [Continue reading]