TV Alternatives: Managing a Family Home with No Cable TV

cable tv alternatives

It could be argued that it is mainstream to have a television with cable in a family household. When my husband and I were doing our first monthly budget we listed our cable bill under ''fixed expenses''. I mean people don't actually have a television and no cable? Or so I thought. I had never … [Continue reading]

Frugal Easter Fun For Kids

frugal easter fun for kids

I don't know where the last four months went but suddenly I find myself looking for fun Easter activities for the kids in the family. This year is the first year our daughter will be old enough to really have fun with it so we're excited to see her reaction to the whole thing. Growing up my … [Continue reading]

Things to Do For Mother’s Day

Things to Do for Mothers Day

Mother’s Day or ‘Mothering Sunday’ as it’s sometimes referred to, is celebrated on different days across the world, although it actually originated in … [Continue reading]

Outdoor Activities: 10 Must Have Items to Avoid Costly Injuries

outdoor activities

As people head outdoors and participate in their favorite activities, they often end up injured or in pain from a fall or other mishap. While … [Continue reading]

3 Ideas for Cutting Wedding Costs

3 Ideas for Cutting Wedding Costs

Before Kids, is often marriage, and weddings can be expensive! After Kids, sometimes mom and dad help with wedding bills again. Either way, saving … [Continue reading]

How to Deal With Your Child’s Wants and Needs

how to deal with your childs wants

My daughter is still young enough that she doesn't know what she wants yet (I'm find myself reigning my husband in from buying things for our daughter … [Continue reading]

3 Factors That May Keep You From Getting a Mortgage


When it’s time for you and your family to buy your first home or upgrade to a new home, you’ll be presented with getting a mortgage. And before you … [Continue reading]

At What Age Should Your Child Get a ”Big Ticket” Gift?

Children and Big Ticket Gifts

When speaking to my friend the other day about Christmas plans, she was detailing what she bought her eight year old for gifts. Included was a laptop. … [Continue reading]

Saving on Family Fun

Saving on Family Fun

One of the biggest changes in our budget is the need to account for an additional person when it comes to family outings. Everything from plane … [Continue reading]

Cherishing Moments

Cherishing Special Moments

The world we live in is moving at mach one. We're constantly looking to do things faster, more efficient, better. While most of these things are, in … [Continue reading]