Is your little one wanting to earn some extra cash? Here's a list of jobs your kid can do this summer to earn some money. These aren't all fun but they are worth it!

Cleaning Poop and Other Jobs Your Kid Can Do This Summer to Earn Money

A few weeks ago as I was getting my daughter ready for bed there was a knock at the door. It was two kids, about 14 asking to mow our lawn. My husband was already planning to do it the next day so I thanked them and gave my apologies. They looked totally defeated. They […]

Throwing a themed party doesn't have to be expensive. Here's how we were able to throw a Frozen Themed Party on a budget.

Throwing a Frozen Themed Party on a Budget

My daughter is ‘’into’’ many things, the biggest I can thank Disney for, Frozen. It was the first movie she watched and was actually engaged with. She loved it, especially all the songs. When it came time to plan her birthday party asking the question, ‘’what kind of party do you want to have’’ was […]

Thinking of getting your teen their first car? Here are something you need to think of first.

Your Teen and Their First Car

Growing up, I didn’t really have to worry about the need for my own car once I turned 16. My mom had a vehicle which she used rarely and for the most part allowed me to have it when I wanted it. I however don’t know if I would do the same with my kids. […]

Getting stuff done when the kids are around is hard but not impossible. Here are the steps I take to make it happen!

Getting Stuff Done When The Kids Are Around

When you have kids it can be impossible to get things knocked off your to-do list. Especially if they’re in the toddler and young school age, when they crave interaction and playtime with someone else. If you don’t have multiple children you’re likely the playmate of choice and we as parents can struggle sometimes with […]

Should you pay your kids for chores? The answer isn't always so simple. Here's an idea of when you should and shouldn't.

How Much, If Any, Should You Pay Your Kids For Chores?

When kids are young there aren’t many ways for them to earn money of their own. Household chores are an easy and accessible way for kids to do so. Unlike an allowance, which I think is something that, when given, should be given out of funds that would already be allocated to the child, earning […]

Gardening as a family is such a fun and frugal activity. We spend only $50 a year on it and have a ton of fun.

Gardening As a Family

Growing up I remember my mom spending hours at our local gardening center picking out her annuals for our bazillion planter boxes. Being a kid I would get dragged along and initially hated every second of it. ‘’Why does she have to look at every single flower? They’re all the same, just pick one!’’. As […]

What's your favorite method for preserving family memories? While mine can be a little on the expensive side it's what I prefer to do.

Preserving Family Memories

My friends make fun of me for printing pictures in 2015. Not just one cute picture of my daughter but hundreds a year, or at least 100 per year I should say. I feel like I am of a dying breed in this digital world but I know I’m not alone! Growing up I would […]

Being good with money does't mean being cheap. Here are three things I'm so glad I spent money on. What about you?

I’m So Glad I Spent Money On…

There have been many instances in my life where I kick myself for wasting money. Sometimes it’s not really a big deal but there have been times I’ve wasted hundreds on crap that I either didn’t need or wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I’m happy to report though there have been times that […]

Unsure of what to get Mom this year? Check out these Mother's Day gift ideas by age and budget.

Mother’s Day Gifts by Age and Budget

I have always loved Mother’s day. As a child growing up I found Mother’s day crafts in school we’re always the most fun (in hindsight probably not a coincidence since most of my teachers we’re female, and moms themselves- always prepping cool gifts they’d want to receive themselves!). As an adult, and now a mother […]

Inexpensive Mothers Day Gifts

10 Inexpensive – but Priceless – Gifts for Mom for Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is just a couple of weeks away! Some Moms love flowers. Some Moms love jewels. Some Moms love candy. Some Moms would just love some piece and quiet — at least for one day. I’ve got great news for all of you, who are trying to come up with a Mother’s Day gift. […]