How to Plan a Family Friendly Christmas Party

Will you be the holiday host this year? If so, here are some great ideas on how to plan a family friendly Christmas party that everyone will be sure to love!

While some people dread them, one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is the parties. I love socializing with all of my favorite people at the same time. It’s a great way to reconnect and often reminds me to make a point of seeing some of these people more than once a year! Hosting and … [Continue reading]

3 Ways to Pay for Your Christmas Expenses

Worried you're going to bust your Christmas budget? If so, check out these three ways to pay for your Christmas expenses!

Christmas can be a very expensive time of year. For most, waiting until November to deal with all the impending expenses won’t work and cause undue stress. The easiest way to manage Christmas expenses for most is to start early. That is, immediately following Christmas! Yet after saying this, I … [Continue reading]

Why I’m Asking for Cash for Christmas in Lieu of Gifts for My Daughter’s

This year we asked family and friend not to buy toys for our daughter but instead give a small amount of cash. Here's why.

Christmas is fast approaching and almost every day I get phone calls and text messages asking about gifts for our daughter. Everyone wants to buy her … [Continue reading]

How to Get Your Christmas Shopping Done in One Day (Plus $500 Giveaway!)

Do you hate the thought of shopping for a moth? If so, here's how you can get all of your Christmas shopping done in one day.

Do you hate the thought of shopping for almost a month? Would you rather get all of your shopping done in one day? If so, you’re in luck! You … [Continue reading]

Dollar Store Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Need some inexpensive gift ideas? Here are some great Dollars Store Christmas gifts for kids!

With Christmas being less than a month away, the stores are in full Christmas swing and filled with busy shoppers from open to close. I hate … [Continue reading]

Sleeping, Outings and Other Tips to Remember During Potty Training

potty training tips

In case you missed it: Post one: Preparing to Potty Train a Toddler Post two: Potty Training a Toddler in Less Than One Week Like everything … [Continue reading]

Why Fish Are the Perfect Starter Pet for Children

fish for pets

If you are looking for a first pet for your children that is easy to manage, but can still enthuse them, then you need to seriously think about … [Continue reading]

How to Teach Your Kids About Dental Hygiene

teaching kids dental hygiene

It’s so important to develop good dental hygiene habits at a young age but as a parent I’m sure you know that’s easier said than done! When it … [Continue reading]

Skateboarding for Kids: Safety Tips for Parents

skateboarding for kids

Some parents dread the day that their little boy or girl asks for a skateboard or leaves the house in their older sibling’s BMX. There are some sports … [Continue reading]

What to Keep in the Car for a Toddler

stress free outings

I love my daughter. I feel like I need to get that out there when I discuss her behaviour at times. She is an amazing kid when she’s in situations … [Continue reading]