Making Healthy Living a Priority for Your Family

Making healthy living a priority isn't easy to do but it is possible. Here's how my family is going about it.

It’s no secret that obesity is a massive epidemic with our children. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want my child to be obese. The hardship and scrutiny are totally unnecessary. Kids have enough going on with growing up and coming into themselves, life becomes infinitely harder when obesity is … [Continue reading]

The Growing Trend of Banning Sledding

All across North American cities are banning sledding? But is it necessary to ban something like this? Here's my take.

I’m way late to this party but apparently there is a growing trend in North America. Banning sledding, or tobogganing, in some public parks. The argument being that there are too many sledding related injuries in children and teens related to sledding. Also, lawsuits are a rising issue, so there’s … [Continue reading]

How I Save: The Cost of Raising a Child

It doesn't need to cost tens of thousands of dollars to have kids. Here's how I keep my budget in check with two kids in tow.

This post is part of the TaxACT How I Save blog tour which teaches you ways to keep more money in your pocket. Last year, TaxACT saved America over … [Continue reading]

Why I’m Glad with My Decision to Put my Child in Daycare

Are you scared to put your child in daycare? If so, I want to let you know it's not as bad as you think. Here's why I'm happy I put my child in daycare.

Last week my daycare provider contacted me about being a reference or another potential family. One of her kids is getting ready to leave in the … [Continue reading]

5 Tips to Get Your Business Off the Ground This Year

get your business off the ground

Today there are so many businesses you can start for very little money. This has made being a small business owner a very popular choice - especially … [Continue reading]

How Do You Control Money Given To Your Kids?

What do you do when money is given to your kids? There are two options: make them save it or let them spend it. But, which is the right option?

In the past people have given money to our daughter. Sometimes there was explicit direction given with the money, like deposit it in her savings … [Continue reading]

How to Declutter After Christmas

Christmas can leave your home a total wreck! However, if you declutter after Christmas you can have a nice and organized house all year long. Here's how to get started.

Christmas is over and if your house is anything like mine you need to now make room for the new stuff. It’s not even that we got a lot of stuff but … [Continue reading]

Should I Give into ‘’Elf on the Shelf’’?

I'm torn as to whether my family should adopt an elf on the shelf. Here's why we currently do not have one.

When my husband was a child he had this old tree ornament on his Christmas tree that was a gift from his grandfather when he live in Germany. It was a … [Continue reading]

How to Plan a Family Friendly Christmas Party

Will you be the holiday host this year? If so, here are some great ideas on how to plan a family friendly Christmas party that everyone will be sure to love!

While some people dread them, one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is the parties. I love socializing with all of my favorite people at … [Continue reading]

3 Ways to Pay for Your Christmas Expenses

Worried you're going to bust your Christmas budget? If so, check out these three ways to pay for your Christmas expenses!

Christmas can be a very expensive time of year. For most, waiting until November to deal with all the impending expenses won’t work and cause undue … [Continue reading]