About Us

Kids Ain’t Cheap but that is okay, they are more than worth it.  This web site is aimed at parents but it’s really for children.  It’s goal is to help parents provide for their children without breaking the bank.

My name is Robert and this site was started by me and my wife.  After a failed business and a lot of debt, we really had to struggle to provide for our children.  We didn’t want our kids to feel the squeeze like we were feeling.  Ultimately, we know that the most important we can do for our children is love them, keep them safe and healthy and teach them right from wrong.  Those things don’t necessarily cost anything but no matter how much you can tell yourself that the material stuff doesn’t matter, it was really tough to not feel guilty when the kids asked for something small and we couldn’t afford to give it to them.  Guilt is a powerful thing, even when it may not be warranted.

Skipping ahead a few years, we slowly climbed out of the hole we got ourselves in and learned a lot along the way.  We are still not in great shape but we are getting there and decided to start this web site to share our experience.

We have several goals with this web site and we hope you will stick around as we go through the building process and participate as it grows.  We intend to:

  • Provide original and interesting content
  • Give you access to an up to date database of online coupons
  • Provide you with a resource that will quickly allow you to find the cheapest source for a particular product
  • Give you reviews of toys and children’s products so you can learn from our experience before spending your own money
  • Build a community of parents that are here to support each other and help us all grow as parents.

It’s an ambitious goal but we are up for the task and hope you will let us know what you think of our web site.